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Analytics on Aggregated Data


We use your data to help you generate revenues

Empirical data driven insights into your business and your competitors’ businesses drive customer engagement, influence company decision making, guide future technology spend and direct business development.

Juocer generates insights by collecting private data from groups of large competing companies, aggregates that data, applies machine-learning to the aggregated data and then feeds the insights back to the companies and their customers through a secure web-platform and APIs.

Our technology is designed to work across a range of verticals from retail banking to utilities to shipping. As of today Juocer is in its early-phases and we are spending our first few years building out a demonstrable solution to a use-case with a group of alpha-clients.  


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Our Values


Many of the world’s most successful ventures over the last ten years have been web-platform data aggregation businesses. To this well understood concept, Juocer applies its unique experience in data analytics to our unique understanding of this new opportunity. 


Understanding what data is available and what value can be extracted from it, is an art. By combining this art with cutting edge data science and machine learning techniques, Juocer enables deep insights into the data which benefit our customers. 


Handling complex and sensitive data from a range of sources is difficult. Extracting insights into that aggregated data even more so. Juocer’s extensive expertise in the fields of data science, cloud computing and machine-learning enable our customers to succeed.


Our Leadership Team

Our core team has a proven track record of success in the field of using data to generate revenues for customers. At Juocer we are building a team that takes this experience and applies it to help our users.

Dr Hugh Christensen

Founder & CEO

Hugh’s early career was between academia and financial services, before founding and building a leading financial-services data-analytics business.

Aarav Aditya


Aarav’s background is Harvard Business School, McKinsey and Amazon. Aarav’s specialism is in business models which generate revenues from data.

Arjun Reddy


Arjun was educated at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) followed by twenty years in industry. Arjun is the inventor of a widely used web protocol. 

Charlotte Williams


Charlotte is a chartered accountant who began her career with the ‘big-four’, before working with businesses from early-stage to Fortune 500.

About Juocer Technologies

Juocer believes that data is not only valuable but that the exploitation of a company’s data will be integral to their success of the over the next decade.

Juocer was founded to address the problems that large corporations have with extracting value from complex datasets. The Juocer team levers the experience the members have in collecting this data from competing businesses, aggregating it and analysing it, then using web technologies to feed back the anonymized results to the data owners and their customers.

Juocer was incorporated in 2019, is venture capital backed and is located in central London. At our core we are a tech business with a stack comprising of AWS, Linux, Python and Tableau. 

Juocer has beeen granted advance assurance by HMRC for SEIS and EIS schemes.